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SEO360 – Search Engine Optimization 360

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

SEO360 is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service.

We are focusing on organic search engine optimization to help our clients to increase number of web site visitors and achieve a higher quality web traffic.

Optimization typically requires existing several web site improvements and in some cases an entire reconstruction. To get best results possible we are implementing SEO as a part of complex web development process. End SEO product is a new optimized web site with refreshed design and structure.

Another component of SEO360 service is SEO copywriting which includes a strategic expansion and an optimization of a web site content. Copywriting is a key “know-how” of SEO360 and it is an essential part of the process. It is a part of a management consulting process that helps our clients to develop priorities in their business and target their customers. Specific keyword research follows initial planning and this process starts a complex set of content improvements that includes multiple forms of copywriting and restructuring of an existing content.